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A Blog About General Knowledge

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consider, wish, agree with, be brave, hold on being sturdy, attempt over again, rise up, keep on and skip and sit down at God’s feet. All of these want to be our motto, because of the fact if we’re capable of try this, we’re going to actually remain inside the will of God.

10We pray that you’ll live nicely for the hold close, making him thrilled with you as you work tough in his orchard. As you learn increasingly how God works, you’ll discover ways to do your work.

How I lengthy for this! How I long to appearance a grin on God’s face at the same time as He appears at my moves.

once more I realise that I should paintings extra hard at being though. Like David, i urge God to take my hand together along with his Holy Spirit and to show me the way. That’s what takes place inside the stillness – there at his feet God shapes me and there i get maintain of information to make picks each day. that is wherein my faith grows strong, wherein i’m able to desire again, in which i am getting courage, wherein i’m capable of arise out of the ashes, and wherein I now not need to give up.

Updated: 16th August 2017 — 2:12 pm

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