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A Blog About General Knowledge

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there are numerous styles of angels. most do not even are to be had contact with the human race. handiest a small organization gets the privilege of guiding human beings.

the first order includes the Seraphim, who serve at Gods foot and sing his reward.

the second are the Cherubim. They exist truly past the throne. They’re the guardians of mild and stars. They’re the keepers of all records and secrets and techniques, each Divine and Earthly.

Thrones are quite an entire lot the judges of the divine regulation and passing sentence upon the responsible. these are the remaining of the echelon.


Angels of the Cosmos. the second one house of angels maintains an orderly unification the various religious and corporeal universes. This calling lets in the angels to skip regularly among the two planes of existence. the ones angels will now and again, however not often, come into contact with humankind, which magnifies their risk for compromise via man’s flaws. those who are purest are the maximum vulnerable to impurity.

the second chori of the hierarchy are the Dominions. Their number one purpose is to hold the strains of conversation the various religious and cloth worlds in order that, when word comes down from the author, it’s a ways genuinely and fast unfold thru the entire universe.

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